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Dunajská Streda

The south-western part of Slovakia is formed by a flat land called the Danubian Lowland (Podunajská nížina). It reaches the Little Carpathians in the north-west and the Danubian Hills in the north-east. It borders Hungary and Austria to the south and the west. The area is one of the hottest and driest zones of Slovakia.

Žitný ostrov (Great Rye Land) lies between the Danube and Little Danube. It is considered the largest river island in Europe with an area of 1600 km2, annual average temperature is 10 °C. There are extended underground water resources thus it is a protected hydro-economic zone. The river Danube flows through Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia and it is considered to be the second longest river in Europe used for tourism and commercial transport, producing clear electrical energy – hydropower plant in Gabčíkovo –, irrigation and also for recreational and sport purposes.

The waters of the Danube flow into the Black sea. Its meanders, surrounded by floodplain woodlands, offer great opportunities for swimming, bathing, water sports and angling. You can find protected tourist attractions (watermills), recreation areas, many kinds of accommodation and catering facilities. Little Danube merges with the River Váh at Kolárovo.  Let us invite you for hiking, cycling tours, horse riding, roller-skating, log-running and boat trips. The surrounding towns and settlements offer high quality services with advanced tourist facilities.

A list of settlements with tourist attractions and places to visit: Gabčíkovo, Vojka nad Dunajom, Dunajský Klátov, Blahová, Jahodná, Kolárovo.